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OGKB Events

The Kush Babes have a proven track record of organizing top-notch industry events. Our events feature leading canna-brands, dab & bong bars sponsored by DabX & HemperCo, popular performing artists ranging from singers to burlesque dancers, self-care and pamper stations, delicious food options, and a variety of local small-business vendors. Ontop of all that, our VIP tickets come with sponsored cannabrand gift bags that are packed with the best the industry has to offer!

What People Have to Say...

"The Kush Babes curate the most fun events in the industry! From always having a theme to thinking of accommodations for all types of guests (vegan diet guest like me) they literally rock. Not to mention all the amazing vibes!" -Attendee

Being a Brand rep, these type of events are crucial for relevance and opening new accounts. We secured 3 new stores just from networking with managers and buyers at the OGKB Spring Fling. We will always be down for OGKB events! -Pabst Labs Rep Miles

Safi is the most thoughtful and best event planner I have ever worked with! I was trying to get into more events with my small business, and the Kush Babes were MORE than welcoming, they supported me and still continue to shout me out and post with their cute accessories from me. Thank you Kush Babes! 

-small biz vendor

Next Stop for OGKB

Farmers Cup- May 18th
San Diego

Farmers Cup Awards Sesh 420 Edition

It's 4 2 O all over again. May 18th, Shop exclusive OGKB Merch, see the winners of the competition, educational panels, prime networking, live music, food, and much more ! 

Saturday May 18th

San Diego



Pamper Party 2.0

🌿✨Join us for a one-of-a-kind event, "Glam Sesh," where beauty meets relaxation in a luxurious and inclusive atmosphere!

Hosted by OGKB and Party with Ari, this event has it all!

Makeup and hair class is perfect for those who love to indulge in self-care and holistic wellness. Food, Dessert bar, 🍁 bars, henna, flash tats, massage, jacuzzi, pool available after class!Be sure to bring your makeup, (some provided!) and Bathing Suit!


VIP Ticket Includes: 1 tooth Gem, 10 minute massage, all classes & activities, $200 value goodie bag, pool, hot tub, consumption bars!


GA Includes: Pool, hot tub, consumption bars, all classes

June 15th Pacific Beach San Diego 3-7 PM 

August 9th


Aug 09, 2024, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Long Beach, CA

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